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Brian Mendoza has been in landscaping since he was a young boy. His father Ralph Mendoza his mentor and the best father anyone could have,had been landscaping his entire life. Ralph instilled in Brian good work ethic and as well as doing a good job and hard work makes you feel good. If Brian was not at school he was working with his father. Brian has been doing curbing for over 6 years with 20+ years in the landscape industry and has a proven track record. He is hard working and very meticulous about his work and likes to make sure it is done right.            

      Brian has 5 children whom he loves very much. He has 4 grandchildren so far. On his off time he loves to fish and be outdoors in nature. Brian loves Idaho and what Idaho is about. It is 1 of the most beautiful states around offering people the best place to raise a family and still offer that American dream. His favorite saying is “life is in the palm of your hand you just need to grasp it”.            Brian would love to help you make your home a paradise where you and your family will spend there time with one another and pass memories on for future generations to come.

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