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Magic Valley Curbing specializes in offering beautiful, decorative, concrete edging and design which add value and beauty for homes and businesses in Twin Falls, Idaho and throughout Southern Idaho.

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Benefits of Decorative Concrete Edging

There are many benefits to using concrete curbing in your landscape design. For one, the curbing is a beautiful and strong investment in your home that will last for many years. More importantly, the concrete curbing is much safer for children and pets because, unlike metal garden edging, it will never rust. The curbing will never have any sharp edges that could gash a foot or paw.

Use concrete landscape curbing to emphasize areas in your yard. For example, adding the decorative curbing around a flowerbed or making a tree ring will vastly accentuate the specified area. Likewise, the attractive landscape border will increase the value of your home by adding a personalized and decorative touch to your landscape.

Magic Valley Curbing has many forms, patterns and wonderful colors to choose. We would love to help design a wonderful concrete edging and landscape border for your home. We can do anything, from pleasing curves and contours to reflect your flowerbeds, or straight lines to border a driveway or sidewalk.

Decorative concrete curbing is a timesaver on yard maintenance. We pride ourselves on our hard work and a job well done. We use nothing but the finest materials, strive for perfection, and give 100 percent and then some. Magic Valley Curbing serves the greater Southern Idaho area.

Why Choose Us

We start with a custom-made concrete curb mix that is consistent from the first foot to the last. Our concrete product is colored using pigment inside the concrete so it is colored throughout the concrete. Additionally, this custom concrete mixture is stronger than the concrete used in sidewalks and driveways.

Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely House

Concrete curbing is a modern essential in landscaping design for both residential and commercial properties. There are countless ways to use concrete borders to achieve the curb appeal you have been looking for.  Contact Magic Valley Curbing to enhance the beauty and value of your property through purposeful, aesthetic design.